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CicaSolution is a medical grade silicone stick used to soften and diminish the appearance of scars, burns and stretch marks. Silicone is the only clinically proven topical treatment method for improving the appearance of scars. Silicone works because it increases hydration to the scar while still allowing the scar to "breathe," allowing oxygen in while keeping excess moisture out. With continued use, scar appearance becomes softer, flatter and more natural in color.

CicaSolution comes in a generous 10 gram package and features an innovative Glide Head applicator for complete and easy coverage of scars of any size.



No cumbersome scar sheet to stick on
Can be worn under sunscreen or makeup
Can be used on any skin tone
Non-Toxic . Safe for sensitive skin
Safe for daily use
Can be used on children



How To Use CicaSolution
Apply to scars that have healed. Do not apply to fresh scars or open wounds. Clean and dry scar before each application. Use daily until scar appearance stops improving. Then apply several times per week for maintenance. Consult with your physician prior to use. If rash or allergic reaction develops, discontinue use. For external use only.

What Is A Scar?
A scar is a miraculous human process of making a wound repair in the skin but most of us fail to see anything miraculous about our scars. Simply put, a scar is a buildup of collagen, a protein found in our skin which is fibrous. When the skin has sustained no injuries, the microscopic fibers in collagen exist in a basket weave pattern, resulting in smooth skin. When the skin is injured, the body produces extra collagen to repair the wound. It's a bit like nature's bandage. When this extra collagen develops the collagen fibers get bundled in a single direction; instead of the normal basket weave pattern. The end result is a scar. There are many types of scars, depending on the location of the wound, the nature of the injury and the aftercare taken. . Two of the most popular types of scars are keloid and hypertrophic scars, which are usually thick, raised and discolored. Other types of scars can result from acne, stretch marks and surgery. Scars can be itchy and tender.


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